Getting started with Patient Ally

This guide will help you get started with Patient Ally. It shows the process on a larger screen such as a desktop, laptop, or tablet. We also have a guide with images of the process on a smaller screen such as a smartphone.

You will receive an email from “”. Click or tap the “Register for Patient Ally” button to start the registration process.
Enrollment opens in a web browser. Follow the prompts to create an account. IMPORTANT: Your email address and phone number must match those you provided to us on our website. When prompted for a date of birth at this step, use your date of birth (because it prohibits children from registering for Patient Ally).
Login to your new account at
The first time you login, Patient Ally will offer you “coupons / vouchers / health tips”. You are not required to accept these and we do not endorse or recommend any coupons / vouchers / health tips you may receive if you accept. You may click or tap “Decline”.
In Patient Ally, click or tap “Documents”. Please note that we do not use the appointments, lab results, and messages features of Patient Ally. Please use Patient Gateway for these.
In “Documents”, click or tap “Intake Documents”. Please do not use the “My Documents” tab.
Each form to complete will be listed here. Click or tap on each line in the list and then complete the form that opens. New patients will have three forms. Current patients will have only two forms which we will ask you to sign about once per year.
The demographics form. IMPORTANT: The date of birth here should be your child’s, not your own.
The policy form. The parent / guardian should sign, not the patient.

After you have completed all forms in the list, you are done! If you are a new patient, then you can go on to step 5 in this list.