CHADIS is a service that allows families, teachers, and caregivers to complete standardized questionnaires about your child. These help us to better understand your child and to track your child’s development and behavior over time.

This page tells you how to get started and how to invite a teacher.

Getting started

You will receive an invitation to register for CHADIS from
The link in the email will take you to this registration page. New users should choose “No, I have never used CHADIS before”.
Registration should be completed with details about the parent / guardian, not the patient.
CHADIS provides an “Identification Card”, which can be used to help remember your username and password. Click or tap “Continue”.
Enter your relationship to the patient.
Select “Naomi Gershon” as the doctor.
Usually, you will select “Initial Developmental-Behavioral Visit”. We will let you know if you should choose a different kind of visit.
CHADIS will display a list of questionnaires for you to complete. The list will probably contain more than one questionnaire. You may now begin each questionnaire. Remember to click or tap “SEND” at the end of each questionnaire.

Inviting a teacher

From this screen, click or tap “this patient”.
Click or tap “Go” beside “Invite a Teacher to do CHADIS”.
Choose whether to invite the teacher by email or by text message, then complete the fields.
CHADIS will then ask you to complete a form giving permission for the teacher to provide information to our practice. Click or tap “School Release”.
Be sure to enter the teacher’s full name and full school address. For “Clinician”, enter “Dr. Naomi Gershon” and our practice address, “100 High St, Suite 200, Westwood, MA 02090”.
Sign the form by entering your name in this box.
When CHADIS displays this screen, you are done. Please print this screen. Sometimes, the school’s security system blocks the email invitation to the teacher. The teacher will tell you that she never received the invitation. In this case, you can give the print out to the teacher and she can use the “invitation code” to register for CHADIS.