How we interact with you online

We use several different online methods to interact with our patients’ families, their teachers, and their caregivers. Here is an overview with links to more details:

Patient Ally is how we securely gather your address, your insurance details, and your signature on various documents. Patient Ally also allows you to view and pay your bill online. Read how to get started with Patient Ally (if getting started on a smartphone, use this link) and how to view and pay your bill in Patient Ally. Please note that all billing issues are handled through Patient Ally, not through Patient Gateway.

Patient Gateway is how we communicate with you securely about medical issues such as prescription refill requests, how you launch virtual visits, and how we send you reports about your child. Help using Patient Gateway is available here. Information on accessing your child’s records in Patient Gateway is here. Please note that we do not use Patient Gateway for any issues related to billing.

CHADIS helps us learn more about your child from you and from your child’s caregivers and teachers. Instructions are here.

This secure link lets you send us documents, photos, and videos.